Everybody's weird except me?

Why it is worthwhile to better understand yourself and others

Have you ever thought: Sometimes there's something wrong with my colleague/my partner/my boss! If you have ever had such thoughts, we can calm you down - you are not alone!It's the same for all of us. Because if we are completely honest, we think at first: We ourselves are quite normal and the others are somehow different, if not even strange. Why does my colleague always only see the problems and doesn't think a little bit about solutions? Why does my girlfriend just not get to the point when she wants to tell me something? Why is she not doing it the way I do? That's really the underlying question. And when you start to really think about it, you quickly get to other questions: How do I see myself? How are others seeing me? How am I seeing the others? And finally: How can we get along better and understand each other better? Here you'll find out why your life will change for good if you really get to the bottom of the personality issue.

You can better classify the behavior of others and appreciate them

Theoretically, we know that people are different, in their talents and abilities. But still, subconsciously and automatically, we proceed in such a way that we measure people by our own standard. So we tend to judge others by their weaknesses. And in doing so, we often fail to perceive the strengths. This often leads to contempt for others. But that doesn't get us anywhere. What if we try to see the strengths of others? If we understand what is behind the behavior of others, we can not only better classify it and react appropriately, but also develop new appreciation for them and ultimately benefit from the strengths of others. This applies to your partnership as well as to your cooperation with your colleagues.

You can use your strengths properly and fully exploit your potential

Do you know the thought that you are not really good at anything? That you can't even name your strengths? What makes you special as a person? In order to get to know your strengths, there is no way around the topic of personality. The things that lead successful people to their success are so banal and yet often so difficult to implement in today's world: Focus on your own strengths! Because that is the essential factor that determines your success. You will be amazed at what you can achieve if you use your strengths properly and at the same time recognize your limitations.

You can better understand and resolve conflicts

When we have difficulties with other people, it is often because there are misunderstandings and conflicts. Different opinions, interests or approaches can quickly cause seemingly unbridgeable rifts to open up between people. This not only costs time and nerves, but also hinders the success and well-being of everyone involved in the long term. What can be done about it? A closer look reveals that conflict behavior varies according to personality. For example, while some people become loud in conflict situations, others become quiet. If you learn to understand these signals and what is behind them, you can adapt your behavior in critical situations and also contribute to the resolution of the conflict.

One thing is certain: every person is unique. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses, and it is worthwhile to reflect on them in the context of personality. If we know our strengths and learn to recognize them in others, we can overcome many interpersonal hurdles, work together more effectively and communicate more successfully. This also includes accepting our weaknesses and those of others. In this way, rejection, mistrust and misunderstanding are increasingly replaced by acceptance, trust and understanding. And that's a win-win for everyone!