I can do it!

I can do it!

"How can I ever cope with that?" Do you know this sentence? Whether it's a complicated thesis, a sudden big responsibility or financial worries. Some challenges you are confronted with in the course of your life are like a big mountain in front of you. At first, you have no idea how to conquer it. In these situations you lack the confidence that you are able to do it, you don't believe in your own competence.
In order to master the situation, however, you need just this conviction, you need self-efficacy. You need to convince yourself that you can handle the situation with your abilities, even if it is a massive challenge. In science, this is described with the term "perceived self-efficacy". "How can I ever cope with that?" must turn into "I can do this!" People who perceive their self-efficacy to be strong believe, that they are able to overcome difficulties and challenges on their own. They are convinced of their abilities.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to magically produce new skills at a push of a button. You would only fool yourself and then probably fail miserably. But what matters is the inner confidence that you can basically train the skills you are still lacking in order to reach your goal.

And suddenly a new perspective on your situation opens up. The mountain that seems unconquerable becomes a sporting challenge. When you have this perspective, you can endure lean times. It is extremely important for your success and well-being that you are confident in what you are doing. So this is about a positive concept of yourself.

How to boost your self-efficacy
Let's take a look at the past. Can you think of situations in which you succeeded in just that? Were you confronted with a major challenge and, in the course of overcoming it, you outgrew yourself in a way you never imagined? I am sure that you can identify such experiences in your life. I recommend you: don't let these experiences fade into the background. Instead, see them as an encouragement, as proof that you are capable of overcoming the challenges of your life.

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